About Cindy Kesey

Second Life Avatar extension of an intriguing professional thirty something female thriving in the Pacific Northwest, United States.

Yes, I used get paid to write. If I’m lucky sometimes I still do.

Should you wish to reach me, I can be found in SL under the name Cinderella Kesey. In RL email me at cindykesey@gmail.com.



  1. Molly said,

    Hi Cindy, I write for ooVooworld – the unofficial WOM world (it’s kind of like a blog) about ooVoo. I loved your Blurring The Boundaries post and thought it raised some great issues – I have blogged about it this morning (http://www.oovooworld.com/2007/08/13/when-second-life-meets-real-life/) Hope you get some good debate going, I’d love to know what people think about this…

    Cheers, Molly

  2. moi said,

    You’re STILL a writer, babe…

  3. Loki Popinjay said,

    Little I know about you, but I love what little I’ve read so far *goes back to reading some more*

  4. NeoTf Juran said,

    I found Cindy, or rather she found me! She opened my “profile” in SL was intriguied by my description, and we’ve been SL buds ever since. Cindy, I love hanging out on SL with ya, touring places, especially the VRR Mall that was fun. Amazing writer, amazing mind and an amazing person. **though I would love to spend more time on SL with ya, if we were both on it enough LOL**

  5. Rayel Umarov said,

    Cindi is one of the deepest loves i have ever experienced in SL. Our passion and desire were unmatched, our commitment and devotion, well, a little one sided. But, she gave me the ride of my life. I will never forget her and always love her.

  6. Emily said,

    Hi Cindy,

    I help to produce a television program in Toronto, and came across your blog – I’m researching a story on Second Life. I would love to talk to you, if you’re open to it. Do you have an e-mail address I can contact you at?


  7. bibomedia said,

    Have a nice day !

  8. Robward Antwerp said,

    Hello… am fellow Portlander… and very much enjoyed your blog. I’ll be back to see updates… enjoy… say hi sometime in sl… name is robward antwerp

  9. PramodGopan said,

    Cindi is one OF the GREATEST & kindest human beings I have met & she still intrigues me with all her skills in various fields & walks of life. An avid music enthusiast, a great singer, a great dancer, I cud go on an & on abt this friend who is too good to be TRUE in REAL LIFE…dunno abt her SL;):)

  10. Cheryl said,

    2 Life is completely something very destructive! 2 Life has, or the actual addiction of it, has torn marriages and lives apart… 2 Life is nothing more than a porn site. It is a social site for wimped out intraverts that have no real life or choose to have no real life because of their own failures and constant desire to sit in failure rather than pull their self out and become someone positive and productive… These individuals also have only a very shallow, ugly, self worth and image of their real self… The participants are lured in by being in a place in their lives of self denial and deprivation…usually they are addicts, failures, and/or just simple hermits that live a sad, boring life so they create the life they wish they had on 2 life… The very sad fact is that most of these participants unknowingly are submitting sexual content to underage participants…because there is no way to police this site…anyone can enter… If you are a participant of this very dangerous ‘game’, think about the long term ramifications to your life, or the person you are communicating with… And…figure out how to live in the world God gave you…not a world created by a bored man….now using his millions to have the life you should be living…traveling with family, playing with kids, enjoying your wife, girlfriend, whatever..instead of spending your time and money in something that will NEVER be real… and think about it…you may not want it to be—-you never really know who is sitting on the other side of the monitor…
    My Best! and Find your ‘real’ life… …. find Strength… Ephesians 6:13

    • cindykesey said,

      While I appreciate your passionate opinion, I’m disturbed to see such venom in your comment. Honestly, with all the negativity in your reply you appear to be the one who is unhappy. Personally, I found that I no longer needed Second Life to help steer me back on the road of self fulfillment. But I don’t regret a “second” I spent in world as my time there helped me discover parts of myself I didn’t know existed. I am a completely different and better person today because of Cinderella Kesey’s experiences.

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